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The great matter of Personal Statements and admission essays are a core element in secondary school life for students. It is ultimately the essence of a journey into university life and adulthood, a piece to exhibit student’s versatility. Such a vital piece of writing alters teenager’s futures – their education and future career.

As career professionals, you personally are well acquainted with the need for a personal statement and administrative essay. Consequently, the need to include these factors in teenager's statements should be reciprocated. Mentioning the reason for interest, incorporating subject interests outside the classroom, personal hard-work and diligence, devolving in skills, qualifications, and work experience as well as stating the passionate reason for the course choice and individual, distinctive capabilities, such as being independent are all key components in a remarkable essay.

Skills and experience, such as

· Reading books/articles not on your school reading lists

· Watching documentaries/listening to podcasts

· Attending talks/events/lectures on your subject

· Seeking relevant work experience

· Visiting museums/exhibitions

· Talking to experts in the field/current students

Additionally, websites such as BridgeU display vital information on personal statements, such as the specific requirements for UK admissions; with 4,000 characters, students must have a coherent narrative, be honest and personal, target their audience, obtain a positive tone throughout and make many, many drafts of practice! (UK bridgeU personal statement guide)

Moreover, it’s likely students wouldn’t have ever written anything quite like a Personal Statement before. For this reason, spending time to plan out ideas and thoughts with teenagers is applicable, before you put together the first draft. Even mind-mapping ideas onto an A3 sheet of paper can be really helpful, for visual links between various areas of academics and extra-curricular activities.

The main advice for Career Professionals should be the emphasis on starting early. With time to decide on an appropriate course, personal statements and essays can be written specifically, adapting to the characteristics, skills, and experience needed for the subject, enumerate the detail and quality of the writing.

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